Welcome back to the blog everyone. Today we will be going back to the beginning of the novel and just seeing how far our father-son team has come. This whole thing started out with the two waking up in a cave hungry. The first dream we see tells us how humans are no longer humans. They have become monsters like the one described in the man’s dream. Humanity has dropped to the level of animals as people kill each other to survive. The man and his son are the last hope for society as they carry the “fire” that resembles basic human morals. Throughout the story, we see countless times when we see just how far the father will go to protect his son, and we see how highly he thinks of him. The man sees his son as a gift from God, and a reason to keep on living. He goes as far as to kill another person when his son is threatened. Another thing we see is how much the boy has to trust the man because he is the only person he can trust. He has no choice but to trust him because everyone else in this world is out to kill him and any other people they find. We also see that the boy was born into this forsaken Earth and only sees the darkness that’s in it. For some reason, the boy only wants to help people no matter how much wrong he sees them do. He always asks are they good or are they the “bad guys.” This could be just because he is a child, and he wants to believe everyone could be good. He tries to see the good in people and is oblivious to the bad. We see just how desperate the two become in their search for food, and they look for food in places they probably should not. All these events lead them to a critical point where it is either do or die. The man was expecting to get caught and he prepared to make the hardest decision. Then he realizes he can’t do it. The man questions, “Can you do it?” He questions if he can kill his “beloved” son, but is relieved when they are not found and he does not have to. The two have come really far in their journey along the road, and they have been faced with many troubles and obstacles. It seems like the two have finally gotten a break and get to rest, and they deserve it.

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