Crows, Spaceships, and Ely

Welcome back to the blog on The Road. I hope everyone had a great week so far. Now let’s dive into the next part of the book.

In this segment of the novel, we have been introduced to a new character and we have more insight into the boy’s hopes. First, let’s talk about the boy’s hopes. In pages 156 to 159, the father and son talk about crows and spaceships. These topics symbolize something important that should not be overlooked. The spaceship would mean exploration and be able to go to different places that you are not used to. Usually, the crow would mean death and the two talk about the crow dying if it tried to go to mars. However, in this novel, the crow resembles a type of freedom that the boy would like to experience. The crow gets to travel where it wants and how it wants, and the boy’s desire is to have the freedom to do the things he wants. Unfortunately, the boy does not have this option to be free and wonder as he pleases. He is a prisoner of the road and must follow it and stay on the path to stay alive. This concept in the novel reminds me of the poem “The Road Not Taken.” The novel contradicts the theme of Robert Frost’s poem.  In the poem, a man approaches a fork in the road and he has a choice in which path to choose. Also, the decisions he makes on his path can change where he ends up. However, the boy in our novel does not have these options. He does not get to choose his path and pick where he will end up. He cannot be like the crow and stray from the path and make his own route. He only has one path and that is to survive, and all of his decisions are life and death.

The introduction of this new character comes as a big surprise. The new character also has a name which is odd, because he is the first character we see that has a name. They call him Ely, and this name seems oddly familiar. Ely sounds just like Eli from the bible. The real question is how this old man is still alive. We learn that he is blind, and this makes it harder to believe that he should be alive. The old man says,” I’m ninety.” The actual Eli from the Bible lived to 98 years old, but we never get confirmation on his age or anything about him. The old man comes off as wise or crazy, whichever one you prefer. Ely believes there is no more God and talks in the sense that if God was really God he would not have let the world dive so far into evil. The most interesting thing about Ely to me is how he keeps saying, ”I dont know.” I believe Ely is really a symbol for Christianity. Everything with God and faith is not certain. There are more questions than answers when it comes to things like religion, and in the harsh place of our two main characters, God would seem like even more of a mystery. Ely is a man with no answers and does not understand why he is still alive. He doesn’t even know how he eats, and he just keeps walking the road but in search for what. The character of Ely brings up to many questions to face and there are no definite answers to settle them.

This will be the stopping point for this post. Hope you guys and gals enjoy it.

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