Welcome back to Cam’s Blog everyone. This post will be a little shorter than usual, but it will still be as good as ever. Hope you enjoy

In this post, I want to talk about some things that I find important in this part of the novel. I find the boy asking about the sea and his dreams are significant. The sea is a goal for him because he wants to know what it looks like. It could be pretty and blue or it could be just as lifeless as the rest of the Earth. The boy’s dreams are important because he is realizing that his father is going to die soon. He is afraid that he will be alone and will no longer have someone he can trust to protect him. The dreams also foreshadow that the man will die eventually. The man will possibly die once they reach the sea.

The next thing that I find is important is the flashback that the man has about burning snakes. Usually, snakes represent a type of evil. The men in this memory were out to destroy the evil that the snakes brought. Although the men burned the snakes they did not eradicate all of the even. The men only destroyed the “image” of it. The men only destroyed the evil that they could see which was the snakes, but they left the evil that was inside themselves. This was the evil that allowed them to all come together and extinguish another life so easily. There is no way to get rid of all evil because it will always lurk deep inside a person. It is the same way in the apocalyptic world the man and son live in now. There is enough evil left that it can not be stopped. This is represented by the good and bad guys. The good guys are outnumbered by the bad, but that is not completely true because everyone is capable of doing evil things. Most people that are left alive in this world could have been good and honest people before the world became a wasteland, but most gave in to the evil to survive in this harsh environment. Even the man has given in to some evil. He may have been saving his son but killing another person is evil no matter what way you put it.

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