Hope Is Lost

Welcome back to the blog people. I am still in shock from this section. McCarthy is a very cruel author, and he went too far with this one. We get things like cannibalism, death, and slavery. This is too far. Why did it have to be a newborn infant? Is there no hope for these people, or is there just no other option. I know that this scene about the baby has a deep meaning behind it but first let’s take a moment of silence for the baby.

Now let’s talk about this gruesome scene. This infant symbolizes so much for humanity. A newborn child could represent endless possibilities because you do not know what a newborn will grow up to accomplish, but they did not give this child a chance. The new life that was created was subjected to this cruel world, and even the most innocent is showed no mercy. This child would also symbolize the next generation. There will be no next generation, and there is no hope for the next generation. There is no hope for humanity as well. These people went as far as to cannibalize a newborn. This signifies the end of civilization because there are no more sane people left in this world besides the man and son.

The boy has realized that he can not help everyone they meet. In this situation, he sees that there is nothing he can do for the baby except hope and wish that he could have gone with them. Toward the beginning of the novel, the boy became completely heartbroken when they came across someone they could not help. Now he has matured enough to understand he can not help everyone. He also is beginning to learn how to survive and makes decisions to stop and follow the people that were behind them. He is learning how to survive on his on and is less dependant on his father. This also foreshadows the father death since the boy is becoming more self-reliant.

This segment of the novel was a huge shock, but one thing I do not like is how the novel just dies from this point. The novel got good then all of the action just died and we go back to the characters walking, talking, and looking for food. The action in this novel goes just how the characters go in the novel. They start off okay then they run out of food and have to do risky things to find food. This is like the build-up before a large event, or they find food. After that, they just go back to walking. The novel gets good with some dramatic point or realization, then it just dies too fast and we are left with no resolve or anything. I believe McCarthy was trying to cause the reader to be stuck with the events of what they just read. The death of the infant is literally stuck with me right now and it makes me wonder was it better that he was killed right away. This way he did not have to suffer this cruel world, but this is also hard to believe because the scene is so gruesome and uncalled for. The only thing I have left to say is why did it have t be a child that is innocent.

This is the end of this saddening post. I can not bring myself to think about this topic anymore. That’s all for today blog buddies.

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