A Dark Message

Welcome back to Cam’s Blog. We are nearing the end of our journey down “The Road.” I hope you guys have enjoyed it. Next week will be my last two posts, so I’ll try to end it with a bang.

This section of the novel did not have much too it. The boy gets sick when they reach the sea, and we got to see a new character added to the novel. Earlier in my post, I talked about how the boy looked forward to reaching the sea, and he imagined what it would be like. He wondered if I would be blue, but he was disappointed by how gray the sea was. It did not matter where they went. The death that that was upon the earth would follow them. It will follow them from the beginning all the way to the end of this novel until it catches up to them. The sea was like a type of safe haven. It has so much life in the vast ocean, but death had already made its way to the sea to kill it. When the boy gets sick, it brings much fright to the man and, we see just to what lengths he’ll go to save him. The boy getting sick also shows just have alert they have to be since anything can possibly kill them. This is like a reminder the death is a lot closer than they think. The new character with getting to meet in this part of the novel is a thief. This scene when the man forces the thief to take off all of his clothes is harsh, but I believe that is what anyone would do in their situation. I also believe that at this point the man is just getting soft. At any other time in the novel, he would have just left the thief to suffer.

One thing I have noticed about this novel is that death is talked about so frequently. In the novel, death is always there, and it is only a matter of time before we all die. The only thing we can do as humans are trying to live and make the best of what we have. In this novel, that is what the man and boy did. They did not have anything and still fought to live over dying. They never stop trying to survive. They always kept going because they always had something to live for. They had to live for each other because they would not be able to make it on their own. Unlike our duo, people like the man’s wife and Ely lost the will to survive. They did not have anything to keep them moving forward. They became empty because they had no reason to keep pushing. So instead of going forward, they looked to death to end it for them. Ely lost all hope in God and forgot what he kept walking for. He just walked to the road looking to walk into his death. This is a dark concept for the novel, but even outside of this novel the concept holds true. Without a reason to live we become empty and do not see the point in going on with our daily lives.

This will be all for this post guys. I’ll have more up later this week for you.

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