Is This The End

Welcome, once again, to Cam’s Blog. This week will be the last of the post and I will be wrapping things up for the ending. We have finally reached the end of this novel and I have had fun writing the blogs.

The ending of this book was not the best for me, but it was a big surprise. At the end of the novel, the father finally dies. It was an inevitable this that was going to happen eventually. The father’s death was foreshadowed throughout the entire novel. I thought that at the end of the story both the boy and the father would die, but I was completely wrong about that. I expected the son to die with his father or soon after. The novel also set it up to make the reader think that the boy would just have to survive on his on. Instead, the novel did the most unexpected thing. They brought a Christ-like figure into the novel. As soon as they describe him to have long hair and looking at the sky, I started to believe it was Jesus. Actually, we do not get confirmation on if he is Jesus or if it’s just a Christ-like figure. If this was Jesus though I believe this is how he would really look in a situation like an end on the world. He is ready for action. He has his gun and his ammo ready to mess some stuff up if he needs too. Also, the interesting thing is that the boy stayed with his father’s body for three days. I do not think this was a coincidence or a mistake. Jesus rose three days after his death, so this is not something to gloss over or think of lightly. However, this man is it seems like he is going around and saving the people that are left. He is gathering those that have not lost hope and that have kept pushing on through this catastrophe.

This ending to the novel upsets me because there is so much more that could have been. It leaves too many questions unanswered and it kills me since I do not know just what happens. One thing that I keep thinking about is why did the man only come three days after. Why didn’t he come when the man was sick. He could have helped the man and maybe they both would have lived.

Ultimately, this ending to the novel was a bit unexpected, but it leaves the reader to believe that things may get better. This may be the start of human standards being rebuilt. This could also mean a change in luck for the boy. The entire story has been death and struggle. It seems like the boy will finally get a break. He has also found other good guys. Now the boy sees that they were not surviving for no reason, and they were not alone. There were other good guys left in the world alive and that still had hope.

This will be the end of this post. I’m still disappointed with the ending to this novel but I guess I will just have to deal with it.

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