The Darkness in the World

Welcome back to Cam’s Blog. I have a very interesting reading for you guys today, so let’s jump into things.

            This has been the most surprising segment of the book yet. I get to see lots of good dialogue between the man and his son. Once again the two are talking about whether they will die from hunger and the boy realizes that his father would lie to him about dying. This shows their strong connection is since the boy is able to read the man. Also, the boy has to trust the man, because he is the only person that can help him. The boy’s many questions are to ease his curiosity, and the man tries to show optimism toward all his questions. Then we have the horrible images of slaves in harness pulling carriages, as well as, the image of the people locked at the bottom of the plantation house that is kept like livestock for food. This is a gruesome image that shows how most humans have lost their humanity. It reminds me of the alabaster monster in the man’s first dream. Then we have the scene of the man telling the boy to kill himself if he is found. This is the biggest decision the man is confronted with. He can either kill the boy so he will not have to suffer being cannibalized, or he can lead to “bad guy” away to save his son. Ultimately, he does not have to choose and they escape safely. They are still faced with the fact they are starving and the man keeps moving to find food. One thing I noticed that is important is how the two never talked about what they see at the plantation house. The father and son then talk about how they still carry the fire, and this fire is the concept of still being human and not falling to cannibalism. The duo is still looking for food in hopes to survive and they come across a bunking filled with food. It is like God has noticed their little fire and decided to help them.

            This part of the novel was full of surprises for me and I was not expecting it to get so deep into cannibalism. This part of the novel shows how hopeless the world has become and how inhumane people can be. It shows how ugly humans can become in a helpless situation, but this novel is saying something more about the cruel nature of people. In the novel, the duo hide from a group of the “bad guys” as they are riding in carriages pulled by slaves. The “bad guys” also have people herded together in a basement. Also, their house is a plantation home. This novel isn’t just saying something about the horrible things done in this novel but also about the horrible things done in the real world. Things like slavery and the Holocaust come to my mind. Things like human trafficking and so much more. There are people in this world that have become monsters through the things they’ve done to other people. Some have lost their humanity, and there are some that fight for the good of the world. The novel is giving the notion that the “bad guys” in the novel are overwhelming the only “good guys” left, and this same concept goes for the real world.

            That’s the end of this post. Be on the lookout Sunday for the next post thanks for reading.