The Last Post

Welcome to the blog one last time. This will officially be the last post for the novel. I have finished watching the rest of the movie so that will be the focus of this post.

After watching the rest of the movie, I am truly disappointed. In the end, the movie seemed rushed to make sure they had scenes from the novel placed in the movie. Also, the missed the gruesome baby scene, but I just believe this was not included because it was just too horrific of a scene. We still get to actually see how dark and depressing the apocalyptic world can be, which is refreshing from having to read it. Also, the movie just was not as impactful as the book. The movie lost some of the power that the book has. In my opinion, the movie is a let down of the book. The ending scene has to be the part I like the least. The end scene when the boy is picked up by another family does not fit right to me. The scene was nothing like what I expected. The book made it seem like a more hopeful situation. The boy has been through so much trauma and his father just died, but there were not big presents on hope in this scene. Ultimately, I would have been better off not watching the movie.

Overall, I liked the book. It probably was not the best book I have ever read, but it was not the worst. Now the movie, on the other hand, was pretty bad and makes me want to appreciate the book more. The things that are put in book and novels just cannot be retold in one short movie without losing some of its meaning and impact. It takes time to write a novel and that same amount of time is not placed into a single movie. I liked that the book gave a realization of how the world really is and that we have our own monsters outside of the book in this very world. There was no need for an apocalyptic event to happen because some people just choose to be evil. Also, there are people that are evil by circumstance. Given the right situation and motives, a person would commit some evil acts. I feel like this is what this story is pushing towards. Most people would not do the right thing in a bad situation. They would do the thing he is most beneficial for themselves. That is what the ma was doing. He did not live to help others in any way, and he only lives to keep himself and the boy alive. The man would not have feed Ely if the boy did not beg him and he would not have tried to return the thieves clothes. I also believe that the man and child’s worst decision was to leave the underground shelter. I honestly do not believe they would have been found because no one would have been looking. The man found the shelter in search of food, but most everyone else was looking for people because there were cannibals. So, no one would have thought to look under one mattress to find an underground shelter. I just think the novel and the movie was a little dumb on that part.

This is the final and last post on the blog so I hope you all enjoyed the site. THE END.